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Touch's artisan, ultra-premium vodka is not flavored with honey but rather, it is uniquely distilled from Florida's finest, wildflower, blended honey and American grain - all under the careful care of our team of master distillers. It is the only artisan, ultra-premium vodka that is made this way. We utilize traditional, old-world methods and state-of-the-art technology to ensure consistent quality and excellent taste.

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Touch produced by Fat Dog Spirits LLC also carries a key Lime, Valencia Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit selection that are infused with natural oils of locally-sourced fruit which, results in unique, 80-proof vodkas with no added sugar or coloring. As a result, these vodkas are not overpowering but are easily mixed with any juice or beverage

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Touch Vodka

Touch Vodka is a Florida-based ultra-premium vodka featuring an Artisan and three citrus-infused vodka selections.


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At the heart of Touch Vodka lies a Tampa family's remarkable passion for fine spirits. From our farmers to our bartenders, we're united by a restless determination to create and serve a vodka unlike any other.

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Each bottle is washed by touch

The inside of every bottle is washed once with TOUCH, so it’s the only liquid ever touching the bottle. Even every cork is macerated in TOUCH before it closes the bottle.

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